D.R. Kelly Architectural Services

D.R. Kelly Architectural Services is committed to providing you with the best residential design services.

We approach every project with a focus on aesthetics, attention to details, functionality, cost, engineering and energy efficiency. 

Commitment to Our Clients;

Our approach to designing your dream home is to listen attentively to your requirements, to come up with innovative solutions to those issues that couples may differ on and to use our years of experience, attention to detail and computer modeling talents to design your future home specifically to your property and to present to you every  conceivable vantage point of the structure in 3D until you are completely sure that we have designed the perfect home for you.

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Comments from our Customers;

  •  "Thanks for all your hard work. The house is more than we hoped for"
  • "Thanks for listening. You captured exactly what we had envisioned for all those years."
  • "Thanks again Don. The house is beautiful. We are truly blessed."
  • "Thank you very much! You made this process much easier than expected."

Hey Y'all!​

We are always under construction so come back often to see what new projects we have going on.